my interview at Bruno Marion

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Here is my interview at Bruno Marion.

For the story :

Christophe Rochefolle, a colleague and friend, fan of chaos, (and initiator of the wikipedia page chaos monkey for example) had invited Bruno to the Chaos Engineering Meetup , because he had discovered the book that Bruno had written, and had me teased with it.

So I read it myself, and I enjoyed the simplicity with which he presented these concepts, which is not very easy, and we had a good discussion, then decided to see him over a coffee, a few weeks later . I quickly introduced him to my job, He suggested me to come back for an interview. I was in retreat in Paris at that time, and so it was done impromtu, the next day, without much preparation, spontaneously.

Bruno even managed to draw an article of about 3500 words, to summarize with simplicity the 38 minutes of the interview. Bravo Bruno, for having found meaning in all this! 😉


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