Antifragile and Agile Presentation to the Paris financial engineering meetup

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Frank invited me to introduce Antifragile to its Paris Financial Engineering Meetup

Antifragile and agile


the slides

the cards


My impression

Well, this was quite challenging, 20 mn to introduce such a vast and complex topic like antifragile. But because I had quants in front of me, (most of them IT and a large proportion of agile, ), which are math friendly, I introduced the concept of convexity for antifragilty , and focused on comparing traditional ( linear , teleological ) and agile project management . We used cards to “vote ” how people perceived the different practices ( as in planning poker ), Either as Fragile, Robust or Antifragile . And the explored interactively the different perceptions . Also relating agile , antifragilty, and cognitive bias ( and design thinking and lean startup) .

I was positively surprised by the audience , mature and open minded , open to communicate and participative.


This was also my second attempt at capturing the presentation in video. Our host, dojocrea was very helpful. So far no bad surprise during the take, I still have to find how to publish such large volume over the internet . Vimeo account ? Any ideas ?


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