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Lets suppose I would like to organise a discussion. I could represent it graphically like this :

simple argument

or like , that, with blocks and details

same as zoom view

For Bigger maps, I may want more finesse and details, and pursue on execution (I take a decision and implements it with tasks) :

connecting arguments : meaning

for this I have arrows type :
full set of building blocks

for very large systems, I may have maps of maps :

The Cross-link lets you make direct, meaningful connections (cross-relations) between ideas anywhere on the same map or on different maps.

Cross-relations are used to signal different types of relationship to those expressed in the hierarchical structure of the map. The current set of available cross-relations includes:

cross relation

this is DebateGraph

Usage .

  • Organisation : complex thinking in an organisation, communities, organise long threaded debates ( Asynchronous and multisites) , and provide visual support to avoid confusion

  • Individual(s) : Exploring Topics Together (Asynchronously)

  • Individual : Oulining papers, essays

Next Steps :

  • Explore the tool (Experiment),
    • Private Maps (ok),
    • Explore Collaborative options ( opinions)
  • Export Options( visual , texts)
  • versionning


[[20181118093722]] animer une communauté


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Main Reference:

The tool :

Source Found : Debate tools

Other References

Argument map – Wikipedia

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