MTBI Profile
one of classical personalities profiling test . Give yourself a try with the attached Excel ( 90 Questions QCM / 10-15 mn) and then google the profile like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ENTJ or http://typelogic.com/entj.html

Note: you may have some questions for which you would have picked both of answers, so when looking at the result, note the close one, and consider at all the variants. we are complex being, and can develop multiple facets with time , which we use depending on the context.

Myself, for instance, I was very messy when young, and so, worked on my organization skills, and later ressel it as project maanger or even coached other on it.. teach what you want to learn 😉

try also the test after a busy working day, and on the working of a relax Sunday.

In the following example, E>>I, and N >>S,
however T and F, J and P are very close, so ENTJ and ENTP, ENFP, ENFJ can be considered



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