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These days ( 2014) , My main professional interest is about the collective intelligence and cooperative behavior of human, especially in the “professional” field. I believe most of the impact can be done where people spend 8h a day. If you can impact this , you will impact them when they go back in their families, and from there, the “society”.

My previous leverage was about influencing to change individual postures ( towards more freedom) , my current one is about creating the structures so that individual freedom can be expressed. Also , deconstructing the current ones by seeing their impacts, so people can get out of the box by making choices.

I pursued a 30 years personal development path, lastly in cognitive science, system thinking , complexity, NVC, Sociocracy, Holacracy, after having discovered and experienced agile in 99, managed people since 87, and commercialized my first software when I was 16.

My [MBTI profile] is [ENTP]/[ENTJ]/[ENFP] : Visionary / Innovator / Organizer/ Coach (55/45 on the last Two characteristics, 75/25 on the first two )

As a freelancer, I typically sell daily the Organizer or Coach Part of me. This blog is an attempt making some use of the Visionnary / Innovator Part 😉 .

Here is my plain-ified profile on Linkedin, (Plain-ified because you have to pass thru the procurement processes, and too much seniority or variety does not pass the process. )

On a daily, I freelance and typically sell my Coordination, SME, or Technical skills, mainly in Banking ( as Program/ Project Manager / Architect / Change Manager /Business Analyst) . Originally (87 🙂 ) in Market Finance, but these days this means living in London or NY, and My Family is in Belgium. I try and stay relatively hands on, and away of too much Slideware Boards, or power oriented roles. Been there, done that , this is not very helpful ( for me at least).

2013 edition:

I am 48, discovered FP in 2000 by Serendipity, tipped during an OO conference by a respected expert and stakeholder in … Eiffel :-). the Hudak94 paper grabbed my attention , and SOE made me fall off my chair… I [just could not believe it], so I explored it with Erlang and Haskell

At that time (96-01), I was trying to find a patch for project failure, trying to work out way to get control, especially for large project ( large as.. 400 FTE, (part of it Offshore) / 1 Billion Budget). I had already explored the classical avenues of Project Management, Methodologies and Processes, and knew the solutions were not there. Agile & Lean got my attention since 99, as this was close of my intuitive practices earlier on. But how to make this scale ? Also, how to use these practices earlier in the chain, in Requirement and Analysis ?. Could we produce testable requirement ? Could we codify SME ?

Today, I know the Answers are Strong Typing + Abstraction + EDSL . My Next question is: how can we make the world know ? We need a Go To Market Strategy. This is what this blog is about.

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