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When preparing the root Cause Analysis at the 1st Person, I realize I was listing feelings in fact, or values, so I did the motivator exercise from Jurgen Appello, i.e. :

  1. classifying your motivation in your personal order, then
  2. perceiving the delta for a given situation ( target would be here is a Haskell job) ( the + /- here below )

interesting findings:

  • mainly gains, no loss
  • if I would map these values to my currents jobs, I am FAR offset… 1 to 3 are barely touched…
  1. goal +++
  2. curiosity ++
  3. freedom +++
  4. mastery ++
  5. honor
  6. power
  7. relatness – (physical isolation) ++ virtual community
  8. status
  9. acceptance
  10. order
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