Structures Libérantes en 9 mn, Paris

Une vidéo introduisant rapidement les Structures Libérantes au Club Innovateurs Paris, et surtout, pourquoi c'est important en terme d'engagement.

liberating structures, social, microstructures, disruptive innovation, behavior change, collaboration, social invention, diffusion of innovation, strategy, transformation, heuristics, complexity science, emergence

A quick receipt to SCAN

A quick introduction to the SCAN sensemaking framework, as a savoury storytelling…

This morning I cooked myself an Egg in the pan. This was (S)imple and delicious. A known and repeated practice, and you could nearly anticipate and salivate… Fast and (S)imple, very good when you are in hurry .. and who is not ? read more

Antifragile and Agile Presentation to the Paris financial engineering meetup

Frank invited me to introduce Antifragile to its Paris Financial Engineering Meetup

Antifragile and agile


the slides

the cards

My impression

Well, this was quite challenging, 20 mn to introduce such a vast and complex topic like antifragile. But because I had quants in front of me, (most of them IT and a large proportion of agile, ), which are math friendly, I introduced the concept of convexity for antifragilty , and focused on comparing traditional ( linear , teleological ) and agile project management . We used cards to « vote  » how people perceived the different practices ( as in planning poker ), Either as Fragile, Robust or Antifragile . And the explored interactively the different perceptions . Also relating agile , antifragilty, and cognitive bias ( and design thinking and lean startup) . read more

Biais Cognitif at AgileBee

Une présentation des biais cognitifs pour les agilistes de AgilBee :

les liens

la présentation

les cartes

mon retour d’expérience

très chouette accueil, et il semble y avoir pas mal de curiosité sur le sujet…

première tentative de vidéo , pas réussie ( je suis souvent hors cadre, et la camera s arrête toute seule au bout de 30 mn, va comprendre..) ( la video sera mise en ligne ce WE, revenez ..) (bon faut apprendre hein) read more

Digital Sketchnotes: going over my painpoints with Sketchbook Pro and ArtRage 4.

I had a problem to go Digital for my #sketchnotes.

Thanks to the help of Sachac, I made the switch , when looking at a video of how she was using Sketchbook Pro.

The main pain points for me were :

  • The interface was too much in the way ( much more than a a pen and a moleskine ) ( as I do not know how to sketch , I need not a lot to side track me)
  • My digital sketch were far too big on the screen i.e. not I could not put enough stuff on a A4 ( less than on my A5 moleskine) . Zooming in and out was getting me lost.

The solution to this last point was to add a grid on a layer , which gave me a sense of the scale at a given point. Plus I added another Layer for the framework, where zones can be pre alloted, and which helps getting bearings when zooming and moving around. read more