[Kanban] Trello is back, BmFiddle is out, and could Haskell do the same (today) ?

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when experimenting with BmFiddle 1, I got pissed with D&D being not reliable (enough), at least for the kanban. I am giving Trello 4 another try…

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1/ I saw Trello are developing in « public », and one can vote on it (eat you own dogfood !)… nice mix of Roadmap, and Electronic Democracy (@Alberto )…



2/ Trello Blog expose their techno Stack 3… can we do this in Haskell today, and how ? more simply I would guess, but I would love some opinions on it … . plus some « readiness »/ maturity assessnesment what is the gap between the vision exposed by and this ?

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(arrgh: WP-content is messing around with my references… I have to dig out later on it … but later .. lets procrastinate with intelligence.. call it focus if you want;-) 😉


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