Ecocycle-2012 Quick Reference Card

in 2012, David Hurst presents a variation of the ecocycle
we presume the reader is already familiar with the ecocycle_93

Three contexts

  • innovators are free to act, but are not sure yet of what to do
  • Administrators know exactly what to do, but there is no room to manoever
  • In between , Managers know what to do to grow from birth to maturity
    and Leaders are free to create a new visions, by releasing what is not relevant anymore.

    The first context is about trust, the middle one about logic, the last one about Power

There are traps

  • Innovators may fail the right choices to gather a community , and turn an idea into a successful entrepreneurship ( Formerly : poverty/ scarcity trap )
  • Excess of conservatism leads to a crisis, and the confusion to release the old patterns ( Formerly : Rigidity trap)
  • In between is the sweet spot from Birth to Growth (Front loop) – and the re-foundation and trans-formation (Back Loop)

Means and Ends

The front loop focuses on means, and People are a means to an end,
Then back loop focuses on Ends, and People are an end in itself.

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Main Reference:

The New Ecology of Leadership: Business Mastery in a Chaotic World, 2012, ISBN: 978-0-231-15970-8

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